Who we are:

tldr: we are the venue review system that rates food and beverage establishments based on how the environment they create affects women. 

We are a collection of women across the United States, dedicated to helping women feel safe and comfortable in going out! The idea for the company started pretty simply: our leader was in Chicago, had no idea what she was doing or where to go. Being in a city that she wasn't familiar with, she found herself constantly wondering if where trip advisor and other review sites were suggesting she go were within a safe and appropriate walking distance from her hotel. Low and behold: The Single Girls Guide was born. 

We review each venue with as open and honest an opinion as we can, using a point-based algorithm to score each venue fairly. We are here to help, not to hurt. We personally go to each and every venue we review, and we write openly about what we feel, see, hear, etc in each place. We have broken down our reviews into the 5 categories we felt were most important to address in considering where you want to go on a night out. 

Those categories are: 

  1. Getting there - answering questions like 'is the street well lit around the venue' or 'is the walk from parking a long one, and is it well populated?'
  2. The Space - answering questions like 'is there a bar, and what kind of bar is it?' or 'what's the seating arrangement like - will you be packed in like sardines?'
  3. Comfort Level - asking questions like, 'what are the demographics of the staff - are many of them women?' or 'did you have anyone flirt with you when you didn't want them too?'
  4. LGBT+ and Diversity - this is our best understanding of how a member of the minority groups may feel within a venue. Answering questions like, 'is there representation of at least 2 minorities on staff' or 'do the servers ask about separate/same checks or was it assumed?'
  5. General Vibe - this answers questions such as 'what's the overall feeling you get when you're in the space?' or 'how easy would it be to discreetly approach a female worker to ask for help?'

Each category has a specific set of questions each with a numerical total possible points (ie 2 points for having a parking lot that's visible from the front door). The points are then added to yield our percent value. 

Why the percent based system: 

TLDR: we want to compare apples to apples not apples to oranges. Not every restaurant or venue has every point line, so we wanted to be able to fairly grade everyone on the same scale. 

Think of it like this: it's not fair for us to judge a coffee shop against a drinks only bar. Certain questions ask things like "does the bar encourage overly flirty patrons" or 'was there a host to seat you'. For many venues - neither of those things are possible, let alone gradable so we wanted to make sure our overall system accounted for variances like that. If the venue doesn't apply to a certain question, the point value is taken out of the overall score so that the results aren't skewed.     


the local diner scores full points in every question for comfort level category. They have a dominant female staff, the staff are aware alert and helpful etc. They should have a perfect score, meaning they would have a 100%; but there's a catch. A question in comfort level is left that asks: "do the staff seek out managers to help with problems?" Technically the answer is no because there was never a problem for the manager to help with. But it doesn't really count because there were no problems for a manager to help with at all. It would be unfair to give them 0 points, when they weren't presented with the opportunity to step in and help with a problem. If we left the question in, their score would drop to an 80%, but that's not an accurate representation of the actual situation. THUS: We would take that question out of their overall score entirely, which would bring their comfort level score back up to the 100% they deserve. 

What we are:

  • Honest and open reviews about our personal experience within each location
  • A collection of women dedicated to helping make a difference
  • Reviews based on our immediate understanding and experience within a venue
  • An independent company, with no affiliations to any of the restaurants/bars/venues that we review
  • Trying to be helpful

What we are not: 

  • The final say on everyone's experience at a bar - we can only write about the experiences we have. We cannot expect to encompass what every woman will feel in a venue
  • a guarantee of safety or comfort

We are using real world experiences within venues to help other women know what they might expect when they go out. We can't make promises, we can't be everything, and we can only review to the best of our ability. If you have issues with something that we have reviewed, please feel free to drop us an email! We are happy to do what we can to sort things out, and we love feedback from others who may have more insight to offer on a venue we have (or have not) reviewed. This website was created by women, for women, and about women. Have something to add or want to get involved? Let us know :) Be safe, have fun, and party on my fellow queens.