We have broken down our reviews into the 5 categories we felt were most important to address in considering where you want to go on a night out. 

Those categories are: 

Getting there

  • Is the street well lit around the venue
  • Is the walk from parking a long one, and is it well populated?
  • Should you drive, walk, take public transportation?
  • If you're taking public transport, how close does it get you to the front door?
  • Do you walk through any areas that make you uncomfortable?

The Space 

  • Is there a bar, and what kind of bar is it?
  • What type of clientele can you expect to see here on a regular basis?
  • What's the layout?
  • How many entrances and exits are there?

Comfort Level

  • Do you feel comfortable in the space?
  • Would you feel comfortable there by yourself?
  • If you go by yourself, would you sit at the bar or a table?
  • Is this a place where you're super comfortable in a group, but not by yourself?
  • Are there any reasons you may have an uneasiness about being here?
  • Have you had any experiences that make you uncomfortable?


  • did people give funny looks when 2 women held hands
  • do the servers ask about separate/same checks or was it assumed?
  • Are you the only person clearly in your minority group at the venue?
  • What's the staff like: is it diverse, do they have a respect for diverse patrons etc.

General Vibe

  • how many women are working
  • how easy would it be to discreetly approach a female worker to ask for help?
  • What's the overall feeling? Is it a pub, a dive bar, an upscale restaurant?
  • Is it cramped or spacious
  • Is the staff younger or older?
  • Does the general decor give off a certain feeling or impression?